Lend Lease Kundabung Upgrade – Heavy Duty Railway Crossing

Wicks & Parker were contracted to design a heavy-duty railway crossing suitable to support 120 Tonnes.

The rating was required for the transportation of earth moving equipment and cranes for the Oxley highway to Kundabung Upgrade. We were then awarded the contract to fabricate the rail crossing and supply to site.


Work began with consultations between Lend Lease, our engineer and us to find a suitable design structurally engineered to support such loads. Once approved, welding tests and procedures were put in place to maintain quality control of welding along with Australian Standards certified materials and consumables. Steel baffle plates and other components were then CNC cut out before fabrication was then started. The crossing was fabricated in 9 sections to make it suitable for transport. Once fabrication was completed the crossing was painted in house with ROZP paint. The completed Crossing was trucked to site with photos attached showing the 15-metre heavy-duty rail crossing installed onsite.


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